The Kame Hame Wave (More common referred name, KameHameHa) is a technique that gathers the bodies force and any other ki surrounding the user. It uses all the ki energy given to create a explosion of forceful energy. if you are well trained in using ki and contain a lot of it, you could manage to push over very heavy objects if you put all your power into it.

Performing The Kame Hame Wave (KameHameHa)Edit

To perform the KameHameHa is not something you would like to mess with at first unless you know how to do a ki blast. If you put all your energy into it, i guarantee you will be able to push any light object, but it takes alot of Ki to move heavy objects.

Steps to the KameHameHaEdit

Step 1) Get into the standard stance for the kamehameha (one foot in the front, one foot in the back, and cup your hands)

Step 2) Now it is time to gather energy from grounding, and from your natural energy

Step 3) While performing also add the words for extra visualization help if you need it

Ka=Gathering up ki at your dan tien

Me=Sending that energy to your hands

Ha=Forming a Ball of that energy (dont forget to convert it to blue ki by thought)

Me=Let that energy gather and get dense as you pack it up with a shell over it

Step 4) Finally Yell Ha and visualize a beam firing at the target you want
KameHameHa In Action (TFS Style)

KameHameHa In Action (TFS Style)