Spread Energy Blast

SPREAD ENERGY BLAST== This is a new technique i have learn how to use. It is a strong technique, i have tested it on myself and it works 100%.

Step 1Edit

First you put your hands above your head, you make your hands go outwards, then downwards, up back to your chest, and back over your head again.(just to add to that krillin feeling lol).

Step 2Edit

Next you send ki to your hands. form ki balls that will surround your hands. next you put a layer about an inch away from the ki ball. Then fill the space between the ki ball at the layer with electric ki.

Step 3Edit

Thrust your hands forward and send out a beam. pull your hands up and visualize the ki beam going up while your hands do. Make the ki beam stop when your hands do. make it form an orb of ki.

Step 4Edit

Finally make your ki orb in the air split up into smaller orbs. and then visualize a multiple beam going towards your target and thrust your arms down in that direction.
Krillin Kills The Saibamen

Krillin Kills The Saibamen

Krillin Does The Spread Energy Blast